“In the 41 years that I have been in the excavating business, the SeptiSurge Dynamic Fluid Manifold device has been the most innovative and successful improvement to date. Aside from its simple design and easy installation, it is an inexpensive method of helping the environment by controlling effluent seepage.”

-Randy Abram, Abram Excavating


The SeptiSurge is designed to insure even distribution of the septic effluent even if the distribution box develops an out of level condition.




Save thousands of dollars by reviving rather then replacing gravity septic systems.

Avoid expensive problems such as surfacing of odor causing sewage, and the spread of disease causing bacteria.

Insures field line longevity by preventing overdosing.



New construction for gravity field line systems.

Replaces the typical concrete distribution box.

Restoration of failed gravity field line systems.



Patented design ensures all outlets receive distribution even if the box becomes unlevel.

The purging action of this “plug & play” system, not only keeps the outlet ports free from obstructive material, but also ensures that all of the outlets receive fluid, even if the distribution box develops an out-of-level condition.

“Dial-a-Ditch” feature allows variable flow among the field lines, increasing or decreasing the flow to individual lines.

Resin based lifetime distribution box.

Doses the system with up to 20 gallons of effluent.