About SeptiSurge

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Benefits Include These And Many More: 

  • Save thousands of dollars on potential septic system replacement, septic repair, or septic malfunction
  • Repair existing failed gravity field line septic system instead of replacing it with a mound system
  • New construction installation, avoid expensive future problems
  • and customer issues such as surfacing of odor-causing sewage and the spread of disease-causing bacteria such as e coli


SeptiSurge Applications:

  • New construction gravity field line systems
  • Replacement on failed existing gravity field line systems
  • Use in place of an old concrete distribution box

SeptiSurge Features:

  • Resin based lifetime distribution box
  • Dosing system with up to 20 gallons

The SeptiSurge Model 3A is a dynamic fluid manifold that takes gravity field line septic effluent distribution systems to a new level! The purging action of this “plug & play” system not only keeps the outlet ports free from obstructive material but also ensures all of the outlets receive fluid, even if the distribution box develops an out-of-level condition.

  • Purging action keeps outlet ports free of obstructive material
  • Patented design ensures all outlets receive distribution (even if the box becomes unlevel)
  • Dosing/Doses the system with up to 20 gallons

The purging action of the SeptiSurge occurs when fluid entering the distribution box accumulates sufficiently within the inner liner to activate the center float valve. When the valve deploys within the box inner liner, fluid flows into field lines until the valve closes. Incoming fluid then accumulates in the tub for the next cycle. The riser and surface lid allow for easy access without the “hunt & dig” process.